Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Your Diet Talk Is As Boring As It Gets

When you are out in a social setting, there are a few things you should never mention at least not in great detail. How you slept last night?, what dream you had? And annoying details about your health do not interest anyone. It’s not like these topics are off-limits or anything, they are considered inappropriate merely because they are boring. Similarly, if you have to discuss about your diet, there are some ground rules.

Omit any fat talk

For most people, a normal conversation about diet starts from what they eat and eventually turns into fat shaming. I can understand how soon you can get an impulse to extrapolate fried chicken thighs with your own thighs. A self-degradation of this kind is not normally appreciated. Moreover, if this discussion starts, someone else feeling the same way will get involved in the discussion and that never ends well.

Cut out boring advices 
A simple diet talk can easily transform into diet evangelizing without you ever noticing. Then slowly but surely, your tone turns to “You should…”. Giving advices is no crime but you will know about the misery when you are on the receiving end. I have been at both ends in the past which is why I try to avoid it now until someone specially asks me.
Details are not needed

Sometimes, it's good to know what people eat but hearing an endless speech about every single thing you ate gets on the nerves. I know how this feels because a friend of mine always insisted on providing a detailed rundown of whatever she had since the last time I saw her. If the person listening to the detailed account of your dietary choices shows no interest, then we should take that as a signal to stop.
Your stats don’t mean anything to me
If your BMI is below the normal range, or your calorie count intake is unbearable, then I am not interested. For one, that is your part of the burden and secondly I don’t want to start that comparison in my head. It's ridiculous if a diet talk makes me feel guilty. 

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