Monday, 28 October 2013

Benefits of Consuming Dark Chocolates Regularly


I am in love with sweet treats but it’s usual to feel guilty after having any of my favorite ice-cream, chocolate or desserts while thinking about the amount of calories I consumed. However, it’s hard to give up this guilty pleasure. The good news for those with having sweet tooth like me, dark chocolate is the very option that is good for your health. Chocolate is a much loved and highly craved food worldwide. Though sweet items have a bad reputation as fattening foods but the truth must be known that eating chocolate on a regular basis has its particular health benefits.

Chocolates are not created equally. There are in numerous flavors, tastes and types are available in the market. To reap the health benefits of chocolates it is essential to go with the dark chocolates than milk chocolates. Milk chocolates are low in cocoa content with higher amount of sweetener and milk. Comparatively you may not get any health benefit from a milk chocolate which dark chocolate offers you. Below are some of the benefits that regular consumption of dark chocolates provides:
  • The high antioxidant content in a dark chocolate is what makes it valuable and healthy. There are a lot of free radicals in the body that cause the regular cell damage. Researches show that antioxidants are the plant compounds that help fight the cell damage. These antioxidants are abundant in plant based foods and believed to reduce the risks of certain ailments including cardiovascular issues.

  • Flavonoids are the antioxidant compounds which are called flavones in chocolates. They are responsible of giving the strong taste to cocoa. Flavones reduce the stickiness of blood platelets to prevent strokes and heart attacks due to clots. It prevents the formation of plaque in arteries.

  • The high amount of cocoa in dark chocolate makes it bitter in taste. However, munching about an ounce of dark chocolate regularly can assist in regulating blood cholesterol levels. Nitric oxide that is stimulating by chocolates helps in dilating and proper flowing of blood in blood vessels. It increases the blood flow to the brain as well.

  • The presence of the bromine in chocolates assists in preventing the cavities and hardens the tooth enamel. This is interestingly contrary to the common belief that all cavities and dental issues are related to the chocolate you eat.

  • Dark chocolates are natural mood boosters as they contain endorphins and serotonin that affect your mood positively.

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