Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Causes of Having Fingernail Problems


Managing fingernails is an essential part of personal hygiene. Well cared healthy nails are a good sign of your overall perfect health. Certain changes and abnormalities seen in your fingernails can provide an insight of your health and the very deficiencies of nutrients in diet. Healthy fingernails must have that rosy pink color with smooth and impeccable curve. Check your nails regularly for marking the ridges, white spots, lines, discoloration, irregular shape or any other deformity. Realizing the irregularities earlier may indicate any health issue which can be treated well.

Healthy and beautiful fingernails contribute in the beauty of hands and overall personality. However, various health issues and problems such as discoloration, white spots, crumbling nails, ridges and brittle nails spoil the beauty, health and hygiene. Below are some of the causes of having fingernail issues:
  • Inadequate nutrition is one of the major causes of having bad nails. The deficiency of vitamin B is associated with the ridged fingernails. Keratin forms the building blocks of nails and lacking in the production of keratin resulting as the ridges in the nails.
  • The oils in the body play a vital role in maintaining the smoothness and shine in the nails. A number of health factors and growing age deplete the oil production that directly affects the nails also. It is essential to take enough nutrients from daily meal plan to keep yourself healthy in order to keep healthy body parts.
  • There are certain medical conditions that directly affect the appearance of fingernails. Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases may discolor the nails because of lack of oxygen in blood.
  • Using too many toxins and chemicals in certain washing powders can affect your nail badly.
  • Certain injuries or trauma to nails can cause various problems in few or all nails. If the nails base got crushed accidentally that it can lead to permanent defect in nails.
  • Wearing fake nails may affect actual nails. The chemicals in the sticking solution discolor the nails. Nails need to breathe properly for their perfect health that is why it’s recommended to not wear cuticles or nail colors all the time. Excessive usage of nail paints leaves the nails brittle and dim.

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