Sunday, 10 November 2013

Are You Exercising Too Much | Know the Warning Signs

Exercise is certainly good for your mental and physical well-being. Having a slimmer and healthy body is one of the great benefits of exercise to live a happy life. There are many other benefits that your workout time offers you including strengthening the body frame, reducing the stress and preventing from aging. However, it’s also imperative to know that there are many negative effects of exercise if you overdo it. Keeping a balance in everything is vital. Practicing exercise more than your strength can badly affect your muscles and joints. Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, heart failure, quick weight loss, decrease in performance, a weaker immune system and loss of appetite can be the possible harms of over-exercising.

  • Increased Body Fats:

People tend to do more exercise in order to decrease the body fat and to increase the muscle mass. Yet in the beginning of any exercise routine people are too excited that they usually cross daily workout routine to get better earlier. It has been proved that overdoing your workouts increase your body fat and diminish your strength. Remember this attitude basically fabricates bad out of good. Too much of a good thing can reduce its advantages over your health. Here are some of the warning signs listed below to make you sure not overdoing your workouts:

  • Feeling Unmotivated:

One of the fastest ways to realize if someone is overdoing their exercise is simple. Just observe them outside the gym or when they were not exercising. If other usual routines get disturbed with workout as not enough time or energy left to cope with the regular activities then certainly there must be a need to cut it down. Feeling fatigued and weak in regular activities show that it’s the wrong track. 

  • Losing Life Enjoyment in General:
Exercise, actually over exercising left you so fatigued and exhausted that you don't have enough energy o0r time to enjoy your life in general. You’re not able to manage with your regular routines and family occasions because of the stress of not leaving the workout. Elongated gym hours sabotage your daily routine and social life outside the gym.

  • Enhanced Stress:

It’s a common study of those who do a lot of exercise that they usually get stressed more often. Missing a single session of exercise makes them too anxious and tense. They feel obligated to go for a workout even if they don’t want to go. This excess stress bothers them most of the time. Most of them feel themselves compelled to miss their work or other important tasks to not miss the workout schedule.

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