Monday, 11 November 2013

Dining Spaces for Traveling Women

Ideal dining spaces in Vietnam for single women offer a wide variety of pure Vietnamese flavor and those who would like to enjoy international cuisine will not be disappointed either. The greatest joy of dining in Vietnam comes when you get authentic food for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, due to a large number of restaurants, food prices are constantly on the rise in the cosmopolitan cities. Therefore, getting bargain food is a bit of a challenge.

Banh Xeo 46A

 If you knew any locals in the region, they would always go for this popular spot that specializes in the best benh Xeo. This is a typical Vietnam restaurant that prepares rice flour crepes that are stuffed with prawns, pork or bean sprouts in the vegetable versions. This might not ideally be recommended as single women dining spot but you are sure to enjoy the special dish if you ever get a chance to visit this place


Can you think of a place where you can get a nice blend of old exotic Asia with the present day dynamic face of the region? Well this is Hanoi for you where you get living proof of medieval traditions co-existing with modern culture. A city that grows at a commendable pace yet maintains that Asian grace. The key to the progress of this interesting destination is in its harmony. Of all the Asian capitals, Hanoi is where your imagination comes to reality.  Besides being a landmark of the region, the city also enjoys the title of producing most delicious restaurants. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most comfy dinning spaces for single women in Hanoi.

Nha Hang Phu my

you will always find a happy bunch of clients enjoying modest food here. Despite, its flickering fluorescent lighting and tight quarters, the place offers sautéed beef with thick noodles and appetizing gravy. While you are busy slopping onto your plate, it will hardly give you time to look around and notice the surrounding.

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