Monday, 18 November 2013

Restaurants with Quality Pho

As it turns out Pho is the basic constituent in any Vietnamese diet. The locals can be spotted slurping onto their noodle broth on every other pavement across the cities. However, you might not fancy dining on the street. Not to worry because there are quite a few air-conditioned restaurants serving pho.

Ho Chi Minh City
Besides that, you can enjoy a wide variety of other international cuisines. From the American-style burgers to the Japanese sushi, you can enjoy any taste you like. Some quality French restaurants and Italian cuisine adds explicit European flavor that tourists seem to enjoy quite a lot. If you are looking for single women dining spaces in the Ho Chi Minh City, then they are mainly centered on the downtown district.

Dong Khoi 

This place is perfectly positioned around the five star hotels from where the tourists are expected to pour in. The region is home to the swankiest eaters where you get the Vietnamese specialty dishes along with diners serving Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian and Spanish foods. Though the diners are a bit over-priced, the exceptional service and perfect ambiance makes you forget all that and enjoy the moment. 

This restaurant depicts spiritual motifs and is a perfect place for tourists especially singles who would not like to have unknown company. In the menu, you can find exclusive seafood varieties of fish and shrimps. You can begin your dining experience here after taking spirited cocktails and that is probably the best way to go.

Huong Lai

Get ready to dine with a difference for the Huong Lai restaurant will remind you of the old French era. They have a wide array of well-presented traditional Vietnamese food. A unique feature of this place is that it provides training, education and a place to live for the children living on streets.
Restaurant 31

for most part, single women are comfortable dining indoors but for a change, restaurant 31 can provide the perfect outdoor eatery. Barbecued beef is the specialty of this restaurant that is served with top class salad. Besides serving some unique seafood dishes, the place offers quite a few cuisines. The best part is that the staff is cheerful and greets you in English. So consider this a safe dining space if you are not well-versed or can’t speak the native language at all.

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