Sunday, 17 November 2013

Risks of Crash Dieting on General Health

Losing weight fast sounds like an attractive call for those who are struggling with a bulging body. People like to do whatever to be attractive and smart. Crash diets are considered as the fast but one of the unhealthy ways to remove extra pounds. A crash diet seems the only option for those who are willing to lose their weight fast. However, it should be considered clearly that keeping fit is a lifestyle not an occasional task. If you have to live healthy and illness free then you must change your living style which is based on your eating and working habits. The key to have a healthy body and mind is to maintain a balance in eating and burning calories. There is no overnight healthy process to lose weight as per your desire.

  • Crash diets are especial diets that limit you to eliminate a large amount of calories and fats from your diet for fast weight loss. The short time span of sudden changes in diet can cause a number of great dangers for overall health. It has been recommended by experts to not follow any crash diet program as it can harm your bodily system severely. People following crash diets are more prone to health issues both physically and mentally.

  • Eliminating a food group completely from your diet has the potential risks of not getting the proper nutrients that are needed for a healthy existence. The body needs to get all macronutrients regularly which should be consumed daily such as protein, carbs, fats, certain minerals and vitamins. The elimination of any vital nutrient leads you to malnutrition which will affect your immune system and leaving you helpless against ailments. Production of gall stones, hair fall, dull skin, frail nails and bones and cholesterol related disorders are some of the illnesses which would be the outcome of malnutrition.

  • Women crash dieters are more prone to osteoporosis than men dieters. The unhealthy changes of diet disturb the bodily functions. The unhealthy dieting speeds up the aging process. Signs of aging including dull skin, wrinkles, hair loss, and sagging skin can easily be seen in those who don’t take balanced diet.

  • Crash dieting is equally bad for mental health as it’s for physical fitness. Depression is common in those who start putting weight again after any crash diet regimen. Tiredness, irritability, mood swings and lack of concentration are also some of the other harmful effects. The reason is our body is unable to produce certain hormones in absence of all essential nutrients.

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