Sunday, 10 November 2013

Why Dieting is bad for you

Losing weight is one of the most common desires of a large number of people. People usually struggle to lose weight more than once in their lives. It is important to consider that why do they need to work for it again and again. Gaining weight again after losing it once is somewhat a frustrating experience which is usually known to those who begin dieting without any planning.

For losing weight it is vital to understand that a fit and healthy existence belongs to wise changes in lifestyle. Living healthy is a lifestyle than any occasional diet plan. Crash diet plans that assure a rapid weight loss are too dangerous if adopt without thinking. If you’re planned enough and know about the consumption and burning calorie process then losing weight is not so hard for you. Right information can make it happen for you. It is beneficial to consider the following info in order to manage a healthy diet plan for you and to not go with any weight loss diet plan:

  • It’s important to learn about the balanced diet, nutrients, bodily functions and how deficiencies harm your body. This info makes you able to choose what is right for you as per your fitness, age, gender and activity level.

  • Dieting is bad because mostly all the diets are unhealthy and unbalanced because they lack any of the important nutrient. Haven’t you heard about the famous no carbs diet, all plant diet, high proteins diet, no fat diet etc. Each plan is lacking with some of the essential food group that leads to any deficiency. These kinds of diet plans surely help in losing weight but also they make you lost your health via causing many nutrients’ deficiencies in your body.

  • Most of the diet plans reduce a large amount of per day calorie intake and results with a fast weight loss. However, not consuming enough food is harmful for your energy. You may experience a sudden fall in your energy level and may feel continuously tired. Laziness and low productivity are consecutive results of unhealthy diet plans.

  • Most diet plans restrict you what not to eat or how much to eat for a certain period of time. However, people are unable to continue these diets for lifelong and go back to normal diet. Then they start gaining weight again which is stressful also. So, dieting becomes harmful for mind also along with the body.

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