Friday, 8 November 2013

Love: One of the Major Reasons of Childhood Obesity

We have given a back seat to physical activities in our routine life these days, which is one of the major reasons of obesity around the globe. It is essential to make people aware of the causes and harms of obesity to let them live a fit and useful life. Obesity is mostly related with bad lifestyle choices though it can also be a result of genetic factors.

The increasing rate of childhood obesity is an alarming situation for all concerned parents. Childhood obesity is a prediction of health complications later in the life for obese kids. It may lead to various health problems such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, cardiovascular illnesses etc. which have their roots somewhere in their earlier life. It’s a common belief that a sedentary life style and poor diet are the most common causes of obesity. However, do you know that loving too much your kid is also a great reason of childhood obesity?

Believe it or not, surplus love may also disturb your kid’s life. How? The answer is it usually happens with a single kid or having few kids in the family. Everyone in the family loves them that much that they don’t want them to move to bring even a glass of water for themselves. It is also a big crime to say ‘No’ to them. This extreme attitude gradually makes them lazy, lethargic and immoveable.

I bet there is none who doesn’t like a bulging cute kid. Those fatty cheeks are too sweet to attract anyone. Nobody around wants to put them down and most of their time spent in laps of elders. In early infancy or toddling period, the trying of providing all junk and sweet food chocolates, ice creams, candies, bakery items and a lot of soft drinks and juices to show our intimacy with the kids is a common sight in families. This is what makes them puffy and overfed. Later in the practical life they become good for nothing.

Spending time with kids and give them attention is a pretty admirable attitude but try to make it quality time. Growing kids should learn good eating and working habits from elders. When it comes to our kids’ lives then we must do something more than just providing healthy meals and asking to move more. A healthy and educated attitude to make them wise choices in life is what is needed the most to avoid obesity.

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