Thursday, 7 November 2013

Controlling Food Cravings is Not Hard

We all know the effects of excess eating but the late night cravings are too strong to make us eating during the night. This is not a secret that a late night food craving can be a disastrous end for a healthy spent day. Craving refers to extreme yearning for a certain type of food commonly including fast foods, chocolates, ice creams and not-so-healthy snacks. Late night eating habit is a leading cause of those extra pounds that are not leaving us sternly even after following workout routines religiously. We have to prepare for the war against those midnight cravings to live a fit and healthy life.

  • Why It’s Not Recommended To Eat Late At Night:

It’s OK to treat yourself occasionally via midnight snacks but regularly follow the routine can be disastrous for your overall health. Researches show that consuming something heavy and fattening after the dinner make sleeping tough. It’s hard for body system to digest well at this time so it affects the sound sleep. On the other hand eating late night would be a major reason of gaining weight. Continually midnight eating can cause acidity, a mild burning sensation in the chest, throat and around the heart area. Insulin resistance ability can be affected by midnight snacking that may lead you to diabetes.

The best part is that these cravings are not hard to overcome. Here are few ways to beat late night snacking for sure:

  • Don’t starve yourself during the day:

It is vital to make a proper diet plan to handle your demanding stomach at night. Taking proper nutritious meals keep you healthy and make it easier to stay away from kitchen or refrigerator in late hours. Do conscious efforts to control your desires.

  • Change your sleeping habits:

Your body needs lots of rest and a sound sleep after a tiring day. Keep yourself busy during the day to go to bed early. Staying up late has many other harmful effects on overall health including these late night food cravings. Follow the golden rule of early to bed and early to rise.

  • Distinguish hunger from craving: 
 It is difficult for many people to differentiate their hunger and craving. Instead of simply rushing to the kitchen when feel like to eat anything, pay attention to your body if it’s a craving or hunger. Try to figure out is that a calling of mind or stomach. Don’t follow your mind for picking up a burger or pizza at 11 o’clock at night. Divert your focus from a chocolate or ice cream to reading a book or playing a video game. Exercise may also help you in diverting your mind and may lead you to a sound sleep.

These tips can assist you in saying no to yourself for midnight snacks. Remember that your will power is the key to control your eating habits.

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