Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Foods That Provide Protein

Having a diet rich in protein is very essential but you also need to make sure that the diet also has other necessary nutrients in it. This leaves us with several options for a protein source which includes both animal and vegetarian sources.

On an average scale, at least fifty grams of proteins is required in a healthy diet. There are several factors you need to see before you decide on the best protein source for your need. You could use meat as a source but that would involve certain amount of fats an carbohydrates that will make your cholesterol levels rise. On a diet based on vegan materials you will probably require greater quantities as compared to meat but you don’t have to worry about blood sugar on such a diet.

Another important consideration is the sodium content in the required protein diet. If the sodium levels exceed too high it may lead to high blood pressure problems. Foods rich in protein will keep your appetite satisfied for the day and will keep you healthy and fit as long as you maintained a balanced diet.
  • Animal Sources
There are various animal sources available and many of them have large amount of proteins but they differ in the nutritional value. Meat from fish is much more recommended as compared to red meat but they both have their advantages.  
  • Red Meat
Red Meat provides a great source of protein as well as energy for the important functions of the body. Since the red meat has a main component of fat, it gives the body about 40% of the total energy requirements of the body. However red meat provides the energy that is only about fifteen percent of the food have.

Nutritionists recommend lesser consumption of the red meat since it involves giving exposure to certain serious medical conditions like heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer and diabetes. On the other hand lean red meat is a more recommended option by the dieticians everywhere since they have lesser fat content in them.
  • Chicken
Chicken constitutes of a very affordable and easy to prepare source of protein available. It also has other very important nutrients like iron, zinc, B vitamins etc. It may be wrong to say that every chicken meal has the same amount of protein and fat content. It varies greatly depending on the color of the chicken meat and the methods used for cooking it. For cutting out the unnecessary fat in the chicken and substituting the protein content required by the body, make sure to use baked or roasted chicken rather than fried one.

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