Monday, 4 November 2013

Premature Graying: Facts and Causes of White Hairs in Young Age

The most common traits of growing age are gray hairs. Gray hairs are a natural part of aging process. Mostly people find their hairs turning gray in their late twenties or early thirties. Some lucky ones are those who can keep the natural dark hair color for much longer time. However, turning hairs gray may be normal for adults but it’s a question when it begins in a young age even kids are prone to have gray hairs for significant reasons. This is definitely a problem that you can’t ignore if having grays in such young age. There can be a number of causes of premature gray hairs but before looking into the causes it is good to know the process of how hairs turn gray naturally.

  • How Hairs Turn Gray Naturally?

Melanin is responsible of natural hair color. It produces in the follicles at the base of hair shaft. Each follicle consists of in numerous pigment cells that produce melanin. The shades of the hairs depend on the melanin of each strand. Melanin is what that works for your skin tone while exposing to sun regularly. The presence of melanin keeps the hair dark. The lacking in melanin turns them transparent and what is thought as gray is actually transparency in hairs.

The growing age affects the production of melanin but somehow the production of melanin decreases for other reasons as well. If it happens before twenty or in childhood then it must be taken seriously. A few gray hairs are common in kids but the increasing rate is an alarming situation to figure out the causes. Here are some of the common causes of premature gray hairs:

  • Genetics are one of the leading causes of premature gray hairs. Heredity plays an important role in stopping the production of melanin. If any of your parent or both turned gray in earlier age then you’re more likely to turn gray as well. Your genes may program to turn gray earlier.

  • Not having balanced diet is also a major reason of discoloring in hair. It could be sign of vitamin deficiency especially vitamin B12. People who follow most strict vegan diets may fall in this category. When body is unable to absorb vitamins well then it can be a cause of premature white hairs.

  • There is a correlation of smoking and premature hair graying. It has been proved by studies that smokers’ hairs turn gray in such young age. Smoking depletes oxygen in the tissues of the body that causes gray hairs, balding and other aging signs.

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