Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rapid Weight Loss Effects on Health

Being healthy and smart is good but put your overall health on risk is something worth focusing. The best thing is to keep a healthy routine in order to not let you gain weight. However, if you have just start seeking for weight loss options then you should be cautious that losing weight too quickly can harm your body. Our body is unable to check fast weight losing harms and it won’t control what has to be lost and what should gain.

Fast weight losing is a fad that can simply put your health on risk instead of doing any good to you. It’s not the recommended option for making you fit. There are a lot of options to weigh loss fast such as crash diet programs, diet pills and shakes. But the people who go for these options for quick weight loss mostly end up causing damage to their health in the long run. Crash diets, diet pills and shakes or even starving for weight loss produce result in such a short time but at the same time cause a great deal of harm over your mental and physical condition. Mentioned below are some of the rapid weight loss effects on your health:

Gallstones are one of the most severe side effects of fast weight loss. The shifting of balance in the bile stones and cholesterol raised the problem when you suddenly stop eating. In this scenario, cholesterol starts forming lumps called gallstones. They’ll be placed in bile ducts and will be extremely painful. Starving and gallstones formation may also cause inflammation in the liver, pancreas and bladder.

Losing of muscle mass is another serious consequence of fast dropping in weight. Your body starts consuming energy from your muscle mass when it won’t get the required fuel from the daily diet. Muscles are made up of protein that store most of the water in the body so the loss of muscle will lead the loss of muscle mass.

Hair loss is also a painful condition that may also resulted by fast weight loss. Hair needs protein to grow and when you reduce the amount of food and protein then it directly affects the hairs. They can be easily pulled out while brushing.

Weight gaining is a shocking and one of the most common negative effects of crash diets and pills. As soon as you stop taking diet pills or shakes the rapid weight gain takes place.

Rapid loss of weight leads the signs of aging. Sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles are common in obese people who lost their pounds fast.

Palpitations, weak immune system and increased heart rate are some of the medical conditions that can be resulted by consuming diet pills.

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