Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Food Specialties in Vietnam

While your stay in Vietnam, if you chose the traditional Vietnam cuisine, you will feel like totally immersed into their culture. Their food is unlike any other in the whole Southeast Asian region and shows great variation from the Chinese cuisine as well. The food is a blend of Malay and French with Indian influences where the baguettes resemble that from France while the curries and Spices reminds one of the Indian taste.


For the local Vietnamese, pho is the love of their live. It is most widely consumed meal within the country. The local residents make it at home but there are a lot of soup shops that serve pho in breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is available with different types of toppings like beef slices, meatballs or tendons. Basically, its noodle soup available in different flavors and made with different recipes but noodle remains the main ingredient.


Nem might not be the essence of Vietnamese cuisine but it is a classic version of the international egg roll. The filling contains mixture ground shrimp, pork or crab with eggs rolled tightly in rice paper and then deep fried in cooking oil. Usually it’s served with cucumber and fresh lettuce and is traditionally eaten along with Nuoc Mam. 

Banh Chung

With the start of New Year festivities, all Vietnam families make Banh Chung that is an offering place at their ancestor’s altars. Traditionally, every family gathers around fire to prepare glutinous rice with green bean paste and pork meat and presented after being wrapped in rush leaves. This gives an amazing green color to the rice cakes that are served with salted sour onions and pork pie.


Com or green rice is yet another specialty of the autumn season and has its origin from Vong village in Hanoi. A particular variety of rice is chosen to make this recipe. In the regional culture, the bride groom’s family offers green rice to the bride’s family on the engagement day

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