Monday, 11 November 2013

Protein | the Building Block of Human Body

Protein is the building blocks of a healthy diet for a perfect human body. Proper human growth requires the incorporation of protein into the diet on a regular basis. Protein is everywhere in our body, our nails, hairs, muscles, bones, skin and even the tiniest cells of our body require it to maintain the balance in body. The development and repairing of the cells need proper protein intake. Our body also uses protein in building hormones, antibodies, enzymes in order to regulate the chemical reactions in the body. The main blood part hemoglobin is also a protein that takes oxygen throughout the body. It’s important to ingest daily protein intake to keep energy levels of the body soar.

Sources of Protein:

Protein can be obtained from animal and plant based sources. Both the sources have their particular benefits on human health. You can get protein from eggs, meat, fish, turkey, chicken, poultry, lobsters etc. Remember that meat is not the only source of protein. It’s a misconception that protein can only be achieved by animal sources. People usually think meat as protein only. It is good news for vegetarians that they can get their required amount of protein from plants as well. A number of plants are a perfect source of getting protein. All the leafy green vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, pumpkins, potatoes, lettuce, Brussels sprouts are highly rich in protein. Fruits are not significantly high in protein but some of the nuts and dried fruits including dried apricots and prunes are a good source of protein. A vegetarian have a great variety to get protein from to have their required daily amount.

Daily Need of Protein:

To keep your body cells in a good working condition you should long for the proper protein intake. You daily required amount of protein is based on your health, fitness, age, gender and activity level. The more you active in your daily life the more you need protein to make your bodily functions work and repair the cells. The required amount of protein is increased if you are an athlete or for pregnant and lactating mothers as they have to take care of two humans at the same time.

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