Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why to Expand your Palate with Veggies & Fruits

This is no secret that fruits and vegetables are an imperative option of a balanced diet. Keeping an eye on seasonal vegetables and plants and consume them in your daily meal can assist in maintaining your health and fitness. To make an ideal meal plan you have to add a variety of plant diet in it. It’s vital to include this colorful bounty to get the essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins with fewer calories. There a number of reasons to eat that crunchy, colorful and tasty meal loaded with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Here are some more benefits listed below to make you manage a feast based on plant diet only:

To Maintain a Healthy Weight

Vegetables & fruits are low in calories and virtually fat-free. Increasing your vegetable intake is the easiest and particularly the tastiest way to cut back on calories, boost nutrients and care for your health simultaneously. However, it good to be conscious in consuming some which are loaded with sugar such as mango and dates.

To Take Care of your Heart

Both veggies and fruits are loaded with the nutrients that can reduce the risks of cardiovascular illnesses such as folic acid, antioxidants and fiber.

To Fight Cancer

High vegetable intakes have been proved to lessen the threat of almost all types of cancer. Cruciferous veggies and those high in lycopene are two major cancer fighters. Red fruits such as strawberries, watermelons, raspberries and cherries contain lycopene and an effective cancer-fighting phytonutrient.

To Preserve your Vision

Vegetables help you see in the dark as you age. High intakes of veggies and fruits rich in lutein and zeaxanthin assist in preventing macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in older people.

To save you’re Skin

Vitamin C is a super nutrient for maintaining collagen and connective tissue under the skin. Some preliminary studies also suggest that vegetable lovers may be less prone to wrinkles. 

To Build Strong Bones

A whole cast of nutrients is needed to build strong bones. What else is good than fruit and vegetables as they are a great source of several essential nutrients. Bone up with vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.

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