Monday, 4 November 2013

Preventions to Stop Premature Hair Graying


Turning hair gray in a young age is one of the common problems these days. Usually gray hairs are a sign of aging and people accept it as a matter of fact but what if you have to deal with it in such young age. This certain condition needs to pay attention on the root cause. There are a number of reasons including inheritance, poor diet, smoking, illness etc. of premature hair graying. You can look for many ways to reverse the gray hairs but it’s recommendable to prevent them before turning gray prematurely.

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body is the major cause of stopping hair follicles to produce oil. When body begins to slow down the production of imperative melanin production then hair starts to turn gray. Melanin is the substance that is responsible of giving color to hairs. Its production decreases with the growing age but for some reasons it may affect hairs in the young age. It’s a widely known saying that prevention is better than cure. In this regard here are some of the ways to prevent your hairs before turning gray or dull in such young age:

  • Avoiding toxins and chemicals is the perfect strategy to take care of your hairs. Don’t ever try to use each tip you come to know about hairs. Experimenting on your hairs may be too harmful for their growth, shine and youthful color. Chemicals should be avoided which are common these days to get a new trendy look for the hairs but at the end they may become too hazardous for your hairs health.

  • Smoking and drinking alcohol has been linked with premature hair graying. It has been proved by the researches and studies that smoker’s hairs can turn gray in such young age. Smoking disturbs the oxygen to reach in the tissues of the body that produces these aging signs such as balding, graying hairs and hair falling. It is recommended to stop smoking if you want to get rid of the gray hairs fear.

  • Balanced diet is the key of a perfect health throughout the life. Lacking of vitamin B12 may cause premature gray hairs. Eating food that is rich in vitamin B12 is an ideal remedy to nourish your hairs. Meat, poultry, dairy products, green leafy veggies, nut, fruits, wheat and oat are some of the food that are rich in vitamin B12 and should be taken in a regular diet.

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