Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss

Weight loss is the most discussed health issue over the years. People want to lose weight without struggling too much in gyms and eating less. However, it’s obvious that keeping the ideal weight or losing the weight is not an overnight process. It takes a conscious effort to get the desired weight. People interested in weight loss often confused by the advertisement and information about fad diets, crash meal plans and gym equipment. Most of the deceptive info regarding weight loss makes it impossible for them to get their desired shape and weight.

Healthy eating and regular exercising are the best ways to shed those extra pounds. However, along with the balanced diet with a lower amount of calories drinking ample amount of water helps in reducing the weight. Below are some of the weight loss benefits of drinking more water regularly:

  • Water is essential for the perfect functions of body cells. A well hydrated body works more efficiently. Drinking large amount of water not only helps in boosting your metabolic rate but it can make you feel more active and energetic. The increased metabolic rate helps in weight reducing.

  • Water helps in feeling full when taken at proper times. A glass full of water before every meal makes you feel full to prevent overeating. This is the best calorie free option to fill up your stomach. It’s natural appetite suppressant without adding any fat or cholesterol in your diets. It reduces the amount of habitual snacking and makes you feel satiated for longer periods of time.

  • Researches show that higher water intake eliminates the amount of fat deposits in the body. It helps kidneys to work efficiently to metabolize stored fats into usable energy for the routine tasks.

  • Getting rid of the wastes is an added task during weight loss. The metabolized fats must be shed through water. Drinking more water assists in flushing out the wastes from the body. Adequate amount of water is essential for normal bowel functions as well.

  • It’s important to drink water before feeling thirsty. Don’t confuse your thirst with the hunger. Drink several glasses of water before each meal and in the morning to limit your appetite. It helps you in reducing the number of calories.

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