Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Get Off your Hands from Junk Food

The food which is low in nutritional value and high in calories is considered as “Junk food”. The color, aroma and taste of junk food appeal a lot of people but the processed and artificial ingredients make them a threat for health. Healthy foods particularly contain more vitamins and minerals with a low sodium and sugar level. The serious health consequences may range from low energy to many illnesses and especially an unhealthy weight gain.

The term “Junk food” applied on such broad and beloved category of food which is laden with artificial ingredients, sweeteners, added sodium and calories. This includes food such as ice creams, potato chips, burgers, cookies, candies, soft drinks, most of the bakery items etc. Junk food is easily available, ready-made and economical. Though it’s hard to get off your hands from these tempting food options but hopefully the destructive effects mentioned below will make it easier for you to look for a healthy choice:

Low Energy Levels:

Eating junk food directly affects the energy level. A quick ready-made snack or drink in the morning make a lot of people to skip a healthy breakfast. It’s simply hurtful for a busy working day. After using the little energy from the snack your body needs some more for quick energy. This may lead to some more junk diet. This routine can cause moodiness and never let you get enough and peaceful sleep in night. Your energy levels are never restored for normal because of the unhealthy diet.

Quick Weight Gain:

Gaining weight is one of the most common and obvious result of eating junk food. The quick weight gain lead to obesity over the time while consuming unhealthy and high caloric food regularly. Junk food has the particular strength to destruct all your weight loss efforts in some bites. The unhealthy ingredients make you ill mentally and physically without providing any good for your body.

Enhanced Medical Issues:

An unhealthy diet enhances cholesterol and blood pressure issues in an individual. These conditions contribute to cardiovascular illnesses. Additionally, junk food effects on developing insulin resistance, a particular risk factor for diabetes.

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