Friday, 8 November 2013

Importance of Dairy Products in Daily Diet

Dairy products play an exceptional role in promoting health and preventing diseases. No balance diet ever complete without adding adequate amount of dairy product in daily menu. There is a significant place of dairy products in nutritional range. Along with many more health benefits dairy products improve bone health extensively. 

Common Misconceptions about Dairy Food:

There are two common misconceptions about dairy food, firstly that people just think of milk when asked about any dairy product. It’s true that milk is an imperative dairy item but cheese, cream, soy milk, butter and yoghurt also have their own distinctive place.

Secondly, people think about getting only calcium from dairy foods. However, this is also a false concept as there are more products than milk in dairy and they provide a lot more nutrients than just calcium supply.

Health Benefits of Dairy Products:

  • Dairy products are a powerhouse of nutrition that is naturally packed with a number of vitamins such as B & D, dietary protein and calcium.
  • Regular consumption of dairy items ensures healthy bones. Calcium works together with vitamins A & D to assist building and maintaining bone density.
  • Children should use dairy products regularly to improve their nutrient intakes that help them in growing. Adults also have to use dairy in their daily diet in order to prevent themselves from osteoporosis and brittle bones when they age.
  • Dairy items are also a great source of protein as well. Sufficient protein supply is needed to maintain your muscles, building and maintaining tissues all over the body and balance the bodily fluids. It is essential to keep a balance between protein and calcium.
  • Regular consumption of dairy reduces cavity risks for a perfect oral health. Dental problems are too common these days because of the ingestion of additives and sugary diets. Including the dairy in regular diet is vital along with limiting sugar intakes and taking care of oral hygiene.
  • It’s also a myth about dairy that one should avoid dairy if they want to lose weight. The truth is that you should include dairy items in your diet plan to have a healthy lose weight. Only certain high in fat dairy items can harm your weight loss otherwise low fat milk or other fat free items assist you in strengthening bones and developing muscles along with losing weight.

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