Sunday, 10 November 2013

Is There Any Link Between Blood Type And Optimal Diet ?

Not until recently, studies have shown that the choice of optimal diet is simplified if you know your blood type. This reflects the significance of the blood type diets and asserts that there is indeed a diet for each blood type. We will investigate if this idea is potent and whether or not you need to change your eating habits based on the blood group.

Incidentally all blood type diets are pretty decent because they comprise whole foods. At least, they are better than the industrially processed junk. See for yourself how the basic breakdown of diets serves as a better alternative to current dietary habits.

  • Blood Type O

This blood type is known to have evolved from the hunter gatherers who lived on a diet of animals and plants. People who possess this blood type stay healthy on meat, fish, some vegetables and fruits. However, the starch consumption is limited and its best to omit certain grains. If you have an idea about paleo diet, you will understand this is pretty much similar.

  • Blood Type A

It is believed that this diet evolved after agriculture became widespread. If you lie in this blood group,  you will stay healthy with vegetables, grains, beans, fruits and limited meat such as fish. Dairy, meat and wheat should be limited in their diet. In short, it’s a vegetarian diet.

  • Blood type B

The diet based on blood group B is also referred to as the “nomad” type diet that started from pastoralists who had a nomadic lifestyle raising farm animals for milk and meat. Ideal food components for people with this diet are mutton, lamb, dairy, vegetables and some beans. However, olives, wheat, tomatoes should be avoided in the dietary plans of people with blood group B.

  • Blood group AB

This blood type is referred to as the generalist. The possessors of this blood group can help themselves with meat, dairy, grains, beans, seafood, fruits and beans whereas the foods to be avoided include chicken, corns and beans.

The proponents who claim these diets are effective may not be using a sound logic especially while quoting facts. It’s a fascination that these diets still work. Choose a diet and see the difference.

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