Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Crash Diets Side Effects on Physical Health

A crash diet is a manner of eating in which you restrict your calorie intake severely for a certain period of time to get the desired weight loss results. People tend to try any ill advised weight loss method like crash dieting to lose their extra pound. However there are various known adverse crash diet effects that are both physical as well as psychological. Crash diet is a good method to weight loss quickly in about a week or so but it directly affects your overall health and deliver a great deal of harms to the various functions of the body. It has been suggested by many nutritionists that crash diet is not a healthy option for shedding extra pounds and it should be avoided. Below are some of the crash diet side effects on your physical health:

  • Gaining weight is one of the many harmful effects of a crash diet. You will experience a rapid weight gain once you are off the diet, even its possible when you’re on the diet. The reason is the changing metabolism in your body via crash diets. Your body doesn’t get enough calories to burn while on crash diets and adjust itself to burning lesser calories. After the initial weight loss crash dieters start gaining weight due to adjusted metabolism and losing weight becomes difficult gradually.
  • Malnutrition is the other major negative effect of crash diets. Due to the restricted meal, your body will not be able to gain all the essential nutrients from your diet. The lack of essential macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals leads crash dieters to undernourishment. This may harm your immune system and leaves you weak. Hair loss, dull skin, risk of gallstones, cholesterol related disorders are some other side effects of a crash diet.
  • Early aging is another side effect of crash dieting. About all of your organs start giving signs of crash dieting. Dieting speeds up the process of aging in your skin, hair, nails, eyes and overall appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin can be noticed easily after continuing the crash diet regimen.

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