Friday, 8 November 2013

How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Hypercholesterolemia is the particular medical condition that occurs when there is too much cholesterol in the blood. It’s not a specific illness but can be a connecting factor for many other diseases. Cholesterol is a waxy matter in human body that is required for proper functioning of the body but the increased level is alarming for a healthy body. It gets piled up in the blood vessels and develops the dangers of arteries blockage, coronary artery illnesses and cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol level is a warning sign that needs you to change your lifestyle in order to live a fit life.

Following are the tips that assist you in maintaining normal cholesterol level in your blood:

Weight gain and age increase the risks of hypercholesterolemia. It’s a common belief that fattening foods should be avoided to lower down cholesterol level. It’s somehow true but also there are certain foods that can assist you in lowering down the cholesterol in the blood. They naturally aid you in preventing cardiovascular illnesses. Rather than focusing on medications or any particular treatment it’s good to seek for natural solution of your infirmity. It’s imperative to include oat, almonds, walnuts, psyllium husk, vegetables and beans, nuts, brown rice, fish, flax seed, soybean oil, fruits and soy protein particularly in your diet to provide a natural shield to your heart.

Adding cholesterol friendly diet is good but it’s also imperative to cut down high cholesterol items from your diet. Cheese, dairy products, red meat, eggs, deep fried foods, margarine, and processed foods should be eliminated from your diet. Keep a conscious eye on alcohol, sugary foods and caffeine intake as well.

Keeping your weight under control is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of hypercholesterolemia. Regular exercising provides dual advantages as it increases the good cholesterol level and lowers the bad cholesterol mutually.

Dietary changes with proper diet plans and adopting healthy lifestyle are two practical ways to lower down the cholesterol level naturally. However, relaxed mind plays a crucial role in keeping you fit and healthy. Stress is an elevating factor that increases the cholesterol level. You should seek for the ways to manage daily life stresses in order to live healthy. Yoga, breathing techniques, Pilates, meditation and relaxation techniques are some of the ways to exclude tension from the life.

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